What if I haven’t received an invoice yet?

If you have not received an invoice, call 1-800-437-1759 to request an invoice be sent to you.

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1. What is my actual amount due, and for what duration of time is it for?
2. How do I know when my payment is due?
3. Do you have online bill pay?
4. What if I haven’t received an invoice yet?
5. If I didn’t receive an invoice, and called to request one be sent to me, will this result in a late payment? Will my services be terminated?
6. What if I am currently not set up on the tag system, but would rather use the tags/stickers than have regular service?
7. If I’m currently on the sticker/tag system, how much are the new stickers through Advanced Disposal, and how many do I get?
8. If I’m on the sticker/tag system, do I need to put one on my recycling can?
9. How many bags/cans can I have out each week?
10. Did our pick up day change?
11. Why is it necessary for me to put my garbage out by at least 5 a.m.?
12. What if I don’t want Advanced Disposal to pick up my garbage? Or if we don’t generate that much garbage for pick up?
13. Where can I get a recyclable container?
14. Can I still use my old recyclable container?
15. Who do we contact if we have other questions, or need more information on our account?