Hempfield Township
Volunteer Fire Departments

There are twelve (12) fire departments, operated strictly by volunteers, throughout Hempfield Township. If you would like to spend time giving back to your community, please consider joining Hempfield's volunteer team.

Our VFDs are responsible for performing a number of challenging duties such as controlling fires, saving lives, providing emergency services to victims, saving property and protecting the environment. Training is provided.

Residential Burning Regulations

All outdoor burning or fires in areas of RESIDENTIAL dwellings shall be:

  • Limited to twigs and grass clippings during the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on SATURDAYS.
  • Controlled in a safe manner and has an ATTENDED WATER SUPPLY OR EQUAL AT ALL TIMES.
  • Occurring at least 50 feet from any structure and 30 feet from any property line.
  • GARBAGE, NEWSPAPERS or PAPER PRODUCTS, RUBBER, TIRES, PAINT, ANIMAL WASTE, PLASTICS, DIAPERS, TOXIC MATERIALS, or any other SOLID WASTE is PROHIBITED from being burned AT ANY TIME. (Check the Township’s garbage and recycling guidelines and programs available through Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling for alternatives to disposing of these types of materials.)
  • Outdoor fireplaces, grills, fire pits, and stone rings used exclusively for recreational purposes and/or for food preparation are exempt from these regulations provided the activity is conducted not closer than 15 feet to any property line.
  • Burning of any type is prohibited on any paved portion of a street, alley, or public grounds.


  • 1st Offense: Warning issued; Fire to be extinguished
  • 2nd Offense: Prosecution; Up to $1,000 fine

Property Identification

The Township of Hempfield reminds all residents to have their street number visually displayed. Residential mailboxes shall have the assigned identification number affixed to both sides of the mailbox, post or framework.

In addition, all residences shall have their assigned number affixed to the residence in the vicinity of a front porch light, if available.

For multiple dwellings, only the main building number must be posted where observable from the nearest public right-of-way and all interior apartment unit doors must be numbered.

All numerals on mailboxes shall be reflective and shall be a minimum of 3” in height and ½” in width. All numerals displayed on the residential structures shall be a minimum of 4” in height and ½” in width.

KNOX BOX Rapid-Entry Boxes

Another tool available to our fire fighters and businesses are KNOX BOX® Rapid-entry Boxes.

Visit our new KNOX BOX informational page to learn more.

These boxes give emergency responders access to business structures that cannot be gained immediately. The emergency responders will be able to use a key to access the secured boxes that businesses will locate outside their establishment for quick entry when a representative is not available to allow access during an undetermined alarm. Many alarms that a department may respond to during the year are not true emergencies but must be investigated when triggered.

The boxes allow entry without having to break down doors for entrance in these situations and having to unnecessarily burden the volunteers with that decision. The Township will invest $7,200 in providing each of the 12 fire departments with the corresponding secure keys to enter these boxes. This Rapid-entry program will be voluntary but highly recommended to businesses in the Township.

"These additional tools are a continuing reflection of the continuing support that I and my fellow Supervisors have towards assisting our volunteer fire fighters perform their essential community service, stated Supervisor Weimer.”

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

The fire and life safety inspection program was created in 2015 by ordinance of the Township of Hempfield. The goal of the program is to have every commercial building in Hempfield Township be free of fire hazards and to ensure compliance with the Hempfield Township Fire Prevention Code. The Township Code Enforcement Office and our third party inspection service, Code Enforcement Agency, administers this fire prevention code and life safety code.

Who will conduct the fire inspection?

Code Enforcement Agency will conduct the inspection of your facility. They may be assisted by members of the Hempfield Township Code Enforcement Office. The contact information for Code Enforcement Agency is:

Code Enforcement Agency
1633 State Route 51
Jefferson Hills, PA 15205

When will the fire inspector show up?

The fire inspector will not announce when he/she is coming, and the frequency of inspection is based on the type of facility. Some facilities are inspected once a year with some being inspected every three years.

What types of buildings are required to be inspected?

All commercial properties in Hempfield Township will be inspected on an annual or tri-annual basis. The frequency of the facilities inspection will be determined by its occupancy classification found in the 2009 International Building Code.

For more information, check out the full Hempfield Fire Brochure and Hempfield Fire and Safety Inspections info sheet.

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