Directory of Services for Hempfield Township

To contact the offices of the Hempfield Township Supervisors and the Hempfield Township Municipal Building, please dial (724) 834-7232. When you dial the Township, you will be greeted with an automated telephone system.

If you are using a touch tone phone, you may immediately press any of the extensions listed below to speak to the proper party, unless otherwise noted. However, if you are using a rotary phone, please hold on for an operator until the completion of the greeting message. Please note that during non-business hours, your call will be handled by the Township’s answering service, which has the capability in an emergency of contacting the on-duty Public Works Director.

Please note when using an extension, you must dial the 724-834-7232 number.

Emergencies - Dial 911  
Accidents with Township Equipment 112
Accounts Payable/Receivable 113
Animal Control (Dogs) 724-468-5505
Assistant Manager 127
Athletic Complex 724-219-3963
Burning Complaints 240
Bus Garage (School District) 724-523-8600
Cable TV (Comcast) 1-800-532-3779
Code Enforcement (Permits) 240
Code Enforcement (Ordinance/Zoning) 240
Community Days 124
County Commissioners 724-830-3000
Courthouse 724-830-3000
Deer Removal/State Roads 724-832-5387
Deer Removal/Township Roads 724-238-5639
Emergency 911
Garbage Collection (Advanced Disposal) 888-855-1715
Gas Company (Dominion Peoples) 1-800-764-0111
Gas Company (Columbia) 1-888-460-4332
Health Department 1-877-724-3258
Hempfield Municipal Authority (Sewage) 724-834-0911
Humane Society 724-837-3779
Lien Letters 126
Line Locations/Digs 1-800-242-1776
Manager (Andrew Walz) 141
Open Records Officer 141
Parks & Recreation 724-836-7900
PennDot 724-832-5387
Phone (Verizon) 1-800-275-2355
Potholes 110
Power Company (Allegheny) 1-800-255-3443
Public Safety 240
Public Works 110
Recreation 724-836-7900
Recycling Information 119
School District 724-834-2590
Sewage (Septic) 724-468-6026
Sewage (Municipal) 724-834-0911
Signs (Road) 110
Snow and Ice Problems 110
State Police 724-832-3288
Storm Water Drainage from Roads 110
Street Addressing Concerns 190
Street Light Information 113
Subdivision Information 240
Supervisors' Office (General Information) 190
        R. Douglas Weimer, Chairman 118
        John Silvis 114
        Jerry Fagert, Assistant Secretary 116
        Tom Logan, Treasurer 117
        Sherry M. Hamilton 115
Taxes (Wage Tax) 866-701-7206
Taxes (Occ. Priv; Per Cap; Wage) 1-866-539-1100
Taxes (Property; Street Light) 724-837-8437
Tax Assessment Office 724-830-3409
Voter Registration 724-830-3150
Water Company (M.A.W.C.) 724-755-5800
Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling 724-879-4020


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