Spartan Lane & Walden Court Master Plans

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In 2019 Hempfield Township hired Mackin Engineering to complete a Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) for two township owned parcels; a 17-acre parcel at 4377 State Route 136, and a 4.3-acre parcel at 125 Walden Court. With guidance from Township staff and the Board of Supervisors, Mackin Engineering set out to determine six key factors:

  1. The feasibility of developing parks on each parcel
  2. What amenities could be offered within the constraints of the property
  3. What amenities are missing within the community (Hempfield Township)
  4. What the proposed parks would look like
  5. What the proposed parks would cost to construct and maintain
  6. What the next steps would be for the Township to develop new parks

Walden Court_Final Render

Hempfield Township provided opportunities to view the plans progression at:

  • public meetings
  • special events
  • via press releases
  • on social media. 

Mackin Engineering contacted community stakeholders, and facilitated conversations with institutional stakeholders such as the Hempfield Area School District and the Westmoreland County Housing Authority.

When determining the needs of the community, Hempfield Township considers many factors. Since the development of the Hempfield Township Athletic Complex at Hempfield Park, the main comment we receive is: "Hempfield Park is too far from our home." The location of the two proposed parks addresses this community concern as shown on the map below:

Hempfield Township Park and Recreation Vicinity MapThis map demonstrates the residential property density in the areas surrounding the proposed parcels and Hempfield Park. The data shows that:

  • The west Hempfield parcel is the most densely populated at 537 homes within .75 miles of the parcel.
  • The central Hempfield parcel is the second most densely populated at 491 homes within 1.5 miles. This number grows significantly when expanded by .25 or .5 miles.
  • Hempfield Park has a population density of 240 homes within a 1.5 mile radius.

This data demonstrates a geographically based need driven by population density, for increased recreational opportunities beyond Hempfield Park.

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