250th Anniversary Celebration

HT250 is a year-long commemoration of Hempfield Township. The official period is from January 2023 - December 2023 with exciting events happening throughout the year. The 250th anniversary is technically called a semiquincentennial. Since that is a bit of a mouthful, we call it "HT250".

Hempfield Township was founded on April 6, 1773, at the then Westmoreland County seat of Hannas Town. Since then, Hempfield has grown into one of the largest municipalities in the state, with a population of over 41,000 residents and a bustling business corridor. While the Township is integral to the economy of central Westmoreland County, it has maintained its heritage as an agricultural community.

Our HT250 celebration will honor our past while celebrating our future. We invite you to celebrate with us and explore Hempfield Township, Westmoreland's Crossroads.