What is Hempfield Township doing about stormwater runoff?

As part of its MS4 permit program, the Township has implemented several actions or measures to ensure the proper handling and discharge of stormwater through its MS4 system. Such measures include:

  • Provide and distribute educational materials concerning stormwater runoff through various outlets to residents, businesses, contractors and developers within the Township.
  • Through its Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination program, the Township has developed a Township-wide MS4 outfall map showing all natural waterways and roadways within the Township as well as all outfall locations of its MS4 system into the natural receiving waters. This map will serve as a tool for the Township to identify outfalls that are discharging pollutants as determined by visually screening each outfall during dry-weather periods. Any indications of non-stormwater discharge will prompt the Township to find and identify the source of these pollutants and take actions to eliminate the source(s).
  • The Township has adopted an ordinance to prohibit illicit discharges and connections of non-stormwater into its MS4 system and enable the Township the authority to fine individuals caught illegally dumping pollutants into its MS4 system.
  • The Township has adopted an ordinance for the regulation of stormwater management of land disturbance activities and the handling of post-construction stormwater runoff. The Township also provides educational material to developers and contractors who come to the Township office for building permit applications. The Township also utilizes the technical support services of the Westmoreland Conservation District to review land disturbance plans to ensure that these plans are sufficient in addressing construction site stormwater and post-construction stormwater and to conduct site inspections to ensure that the sites are being constructed in accordance with the approved plans.
  • The Township is continuously maintaining and tracking its MS4 system through cleaning, repairing and improving the system to ensure that it is functioning correctly. The Township is also monitoring all other municipal operations such as fleet vehicle maintenance, municipal property maintenance, as well as salt and anti-skid material stockpiling to minimize any detrimental impacts that these operations may have on the MS4 system.

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