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Hempfield Commercial Tenant FormBusiness Recycling Tonnage Report Form

Hempfield Township requires every commercial business in the township to annually report their recycling tonnage to the Township.

The Township receives recycling reports from Advanced Disposal, but businesses are not required to use the services of Advanced Disposal.

Commercial, municipal and institutional businesses are required to assure that all recyclable materials are appropriately collected and the amount accurately reflected in an annual report whether it is managed through your business or by a private contractor who will do the report for you. Please note that any businesses not complying with this mandatory ordinance may be cited.

Hempfield Township Recycling Tonnage FormHempfield Tenant Reporting Form

(Form Not Yet Available. Coming Soon.)

If you have any questions, please contact the Hempfield Township Code Enforcement Office at 724-834-7232. 

How to Complete the Form:

Complete the Recycling Tonnage Report Form, then SAVE a copy of the form to your computer.

Important Note: The SAVE feature works in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
It DOES NOT work in Google Chrome.

After you have SAVED a completed copy, you can email it as an attachment to bbeitel@hempfieldtwp.org.

Instructions to Mail the Recycling Tonnage Report

Alternatively, you may complete and then PRINT a copy of the Recycling Tonnage Report Form.

The Print feature works in all web browsers.

If you need to mail in a copy of your completed planner, send it to the following address:

Township of Hempfield
Attn: Bruce Beitel
Greensburg-Hempfield Business Park
1132 Woodward Drive, Suite A
Greensburg, PA 15601-9310


Below is a list of items that are REQUIRED to be recycled at your business:

  • Corrugated paper/cardboard
  • High grade office paper
  • Aluminum cans
  • Leaf waste