Hempfield Township – Good for Business

Hempfield Township is good for business.  Hempfield is home to the regionally popular Westmoreland Mall, as well as Greengate Centre, a 90-acre site featuring a Wal-Mart SupercenterJo-Ann FabricsPetco, and nearly 45 stores and restaurants.

Hempfield Township is a unique place where residents enjoy living, working, and playing. The urban, suburban, and semi-rural areas in our community complement one another.

Businesses and shops are concentrated in and around revitalized downtown areas and along major transportation corridors. People in our community are well educated due to the high-quality educational institutions in the region. There are good job opportunities complemented by a highly skilled workforce.

Our community is welcoming of all people and celebrates diversity in its people and culture. Overall, the sharing of assets throughout the community results in the efficient use of resources and a high quality of life for the residents.

Occupancy Permits Required for Businesses

All businesses in Hempfield Township are required to have an Occupancy Permit prior to occupying a structure.

More specifically, this applies to all new and existing businesses, name changes to businesses, ownership changes to businesses, etc.  Permits are not transferable. Violations to Section 60-3B of the Hempfield Township Code can result in a fine up to $1,000 per day, plus court costs.

Township forms

All necessary permit applications and forms are available online.

Resources are available to you on the following pages:

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call the Code Enforcement Department at 724-834-7232.

Or visit our Contact Us page.

The cost for a Commercial Occupancy Permit is $150. Permits are not transferable. Unannounced inspections will be conducted to determine compliance with Section 60-3B. Application form.

The permit shall be posted in the lobby or an area visible upon entry to the establishment. If your business does not have an Occupancy Permit, please contact the Code Enforcement Office to research whether a permit was ever issued or to obtain a new one.

Furthermore, every commercial property owner shall annually file with the Township the names and mailing addresses of all tenants who lease a commercial premises from them.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Office for additional information.

Commercial Recycling Mandatory

Hempfield Township is working to raise its recycling quota. In order to do that accurate recycling reporting practices are vital from Hempfield establishments and businesses to reach this endeavor.

Precise commercial recycling statistics submitted to the Township of Hempfield increases grant funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection. Grant monies fund various projects that serve to better our community.

Compiling recycling data is a team effort. To do so, please contact your waste management or recycling hauler to provide you with a report. All commercial establishments are required to recycle.
Your assistance and cooperation in completing your business’s 2008 tonnage reports will be greatly appreciated.

Peddler’s License

Anyone selling goods or services door-to-door must display a Peddler’s License from Hempfield Township. However, non-profit groups, such as local athletic teams, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, fire departments, etc. do not require such permits. Sunday sales and weekday sales after 5 p.m. by peddlers are strictly prohibited. To verify whether or not someone canvassing your neighborhood has received the proper permits or to report a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 724-834-7232.