Hempfield Township requires every landlord to annually cause to be filed with the Hempfield Township Code Department the names and mailing addresses of all tenants who lease a commercial premises or rent a residential premises within Hempfield Township.

Hempfield Township Tenant Reporting Form

Hempfield Township Residential Landlord – Tenant Occupant Registration

Student Home Registration and Permit Application

Should you be a stand-alone tenant, please complete the form to verify your occupancy.

When there are changes of tenants or ownership, please notify the Hempfield Township Code Enforcement Office as soon as possible.

In addition, please note that any new Commercial Occupants must file and pay a fee for an occupancy permit at the Hempfield Township Code Enforcement Department.  Occupancy Permits are not transferrable.

Should any business be unable to provide proof of their occupancy, said tenant will be required to make application and pay the fee for the required Occupancy Permit. Said permit shall be posted in the lobby or an area visible upon entry to the establishment.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hempfield Township Code Enforcement Office at 724-834-7232.

How to Complete the Form:

Complete the Tenant Reporting Form, then SAVE a copy of the form to your computer.

Important Note:

The SAVE feature works in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
It DOES NOT work in Google Chrome.

After you have SAVED a completed copy, you can email it as an attachment to jwinters@hempfieldtwp.org

Instructions to Mail the Tenant Form

Alternatively, you may complete and then PRINT a copy of the Tenant Reporting Form.

The Print feature works in all web browsers.

If you need to mail in a copy of your completed planner, send it to the following address:

Township of Hempfield 
Attn: Jason Winters, Township Manager
Greensburg-Hempfield Business Park
1132 Woodward Drive, Suite A
Greensburg, PA 15601-9310