FAX Reporting

The first is a change to the fax number. When faxing in the Streetlight Problem Report, please fax to 877-289-3674. Attached is a new Streetlight Problem Report  that includes the new fax number.

Online Reporting

Using a web enabled device, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to www.firstenergycorp.com.
  2. Click “Report an Outage” from the upper left menu group.
  3. Click “Report Lighting Problem” from the upper left menu group.
  4. Answer the first two questions, then select the appropriate button to report an outage for either a Streetlight, Multiple Streetlights, or Outdoor Area Light.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Please use this form.”
  6. Complete the on-line form, entries with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
  7. Click [NEXT] at the bottom of the screen when the form is complete.
  8. Review the summary page, and click [SUBMIT] if correct.
  9. Users will then get a statement on a new web page that the streetlight information was sent.
  10. A follow up e-mail will be delivered to the e-mail address provided in step #6. This message will include a notification number that can be used to follow up if necessary.

Contact Sheet

The new contact sheet includes the reporting instructions for streetlight outages and also tree work.