Budget Information

The Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors receives revenues from various sources. These revenues are utilized only for services provided through your local government as approved by the Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors.

The major sources of funding for Hempfield Township are as follows: State Liquid Fuel tax monies, cable TV franchise fees, recreation licenses and permits, planning and zoning fees, earnings from investments, and other miscellaneous items.
The revenues received through tax dollars are used for road and bridge improvements, employee wages, recreation, public safety, equipment maintenance, and purchases of items needed to perform day-to-day operations.

2019 Final Budgets

2019 GF Operation Budget
2019 Capital Budget
2019 Liquid Fuels Budget

2018 Preliminary Budgets

2018 GF Operation Budget
2018 Safer Grant Budget
2018 Capital Budget
2018 Liquid Fuels Budget
2018 Preliminary General Fund Operating Budget

2017 Final & Preliminary Budgets

2017 Final Budget
2017 Revised General Fund Operating Budget– Adopted December 20, 2017


2014 Final General Fund Expenditures Budget
2014 Final General Fund Revenue Budget
2015 Final General Fund Expenditures Budget
2015 Final General Fund Revenue Budget
2016 Final Budget B
2016 Preliminary Budget A

2016 Preliminary Budget B

Moody’s Rating Update for Hempfield Township

Moody’s Investors Service recently updated their rating for Hempfield Township. For more information, view Hempfield’s Rating Report.

Standard & Poor’s Rating Upgrade

As of August 18, 2014, Hempfield has been upgraded from A+ to AA-. For more information, download the full announcement document.

NEW – ACT 13 Impact Fee

Act 13 Impact Fee Legislation was signed into law February 14, 2012.  The Act imposes a drilling impact fee on producers with spud (actual start of drilling) unconventional gas wells.

The Act provides for the distribution of the fee to local and state government for specific purposes.  You may download from the following link Hempfield Township’s Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report for 2014.


Hempfield Audit Report for 2010
Hempfield Audit Report for 2011
Hempfield Audit Report for 2012
Hempfield Audit Report for 2013
Hempfield Audit Report for 2014
Hempfield Audit Report for 2015
Hempfield Audit Report for 2016


Earned Income Taxes

This tax is based on earned income such as wages, salaries and tips, profits earned from business, etc. Of the 1% total tax levied, Hempfield Township receives 1/2% with the other 1/2% going to the Hempfield Area School District.

Learn about the New Earned Income Tax Collector for Hempfield Township in 2012, Berkheimer Tax Administrator.  Berkheimer Associates Toll Free Number: 866-701-7206.

Local Services Taxes

This $52 tax is paid by persons who work in Hempfield Township and earn more than $12,000 annually. Of this $52, $47 goes to Hempfield Township and $5 goes to the Hempfield Area School District.

Business Privilege Taxes

This .00025 tax is paid by businesses operating in Hempfield Township and is based on gross receipts with a cap of $50,000,000. This means the maximum amount paid by any business will not be more than $12,500 per year.

Per Capita Taxes

This tax is $15, $5 of which goes to Hempfield Township and $10 of which goes to the Hempfield Area School District, and is paid by all residents over the age of 18. College students showing proof of full-time status are exempt; however, proof must be shown yearly.

The per capita bill at discount is $14.70.

Real Estate Transfer Taxes

This 2% tax is paid whenever property is sold in Hempfield Township. 1/2% goes to the Township, 1/2% goes to the Hempfield School District, and 1% goes to the State of Pennsylvania. Real estate transfer taxes are paid to the Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds. This office can be reached at (724) 830-3518.

Warning From Berkheimer

It has been brought to our attention that a taxpayer has posted a photo of their 2014 Local Earned Income Tax Reminder Notice on social media claiming that the notice is a scam. This photo has been shared via social media and has gone viral. As a result other taxpayers may also believe this to be true and will disregarded the reminder notice and fail to file their Local Earned Income Taxes.  Read More!

Tax Collectors for Hempfield Township

Berkheimer Associates

Beginning January 1st, 2012 the Township of Hempfield will have a new earned income tax collector. State law mandated in Act 32 that one earned income tax collector per county shall be established.  Westmoreland County’s earned income tax collector will be Berkheimer Tax Administrator. 

There are several important points to note regarding this change; please click the following link form more information, including which taxes are affected: New Earned Income Tax Collector flyer (Adobe Reader required).

  • This is for earned income tax only;

You should have already received information from Berkheimer Tax Administrator. Their website is www.hab-inc.com.

Toll Free Number: 866-701-7206.

Keystone Municipal Collections

Keystone Municipal Collections is the Township’s Act 511 tax collector. Act 511 tax collection includes current and delinquent earned income, business privilege, per capita, and local services taxes.

546 Wendel Road

Irwin, PA 15642
Phone: 724-978-0300 or Toll Free 1-866-539-1100

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Consider taking advantage of Keystone’s Internet tax filing system for Hempfield individuals. Keystone’s e-File system offers a secure, user-friendly interface to fill and pay your taxes on-line.

Keystone’s website, www.keystonecollects.com, provides various downloadable tax forms and an easy link to e-File. This new system completely walks the taxpayer through the process, including creating a personal and secure log-in.

Hempfield Township Property Taxes

Jim Regola, Hempfield Township Tax Collector for property Taxes reminds all Township residents that discount period to pay your property tax ends April 30th.

Mr. Regola’s office is located at 938 St. Clair Way, Greensburg, PA 15601.  Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

*Only Saturdays in March, April, August and September

The Hempfield Township Tax Collector may be reached at 724-837-8437 or e-mail at jim@hempfieldtax.us if you should have any questions. Or visit his website at www.hempfieldtax.us.

The current millage rate is 3 mills. One mill of taxes is equal to $437,123. For an average property owner in Hempfield Township having an assessed property value of $25,000, the township collects only $75. This amounts to a total of $1,311,000 in the budget.

Street Light Taxes

Various areas in Hempfield Township have formed street light districts, which provide lighting on certain streets and roads in Hempfield Township. The property owners located in each light district are assessed yearly for the costs of lighting and maintaining these street lights. Each light district must be self-supporting and tax rates vary from light district to light district.

Delinquent street light taxes are collected by the Hempfield Township Supervisors.