Traffic Safety Division – Public Works Department

In Hempfield Township, the Traffic Safety Division of Public Works is responsible for street signs, traffic signs, red lights, school lights, fire department warning lights, speed/traffic control trailers, and all line painting.

  • Township fabricates and installs all the street signs
  • Township maintains all red lights on state roads in addition to Township roads
  • Township annually paints over 20 miles of traffic lines and traffic control markings
  • Township owns and operates two (2) speed traffic control trailers. These units are used daily for speed control and traffic messages.
  • Township responds to all traffic signal power failures. Each light can be operated on emergency generator power.

New Traffic Calming Signs

The Hempfield Township Traffic Committee recently designed new traffic calming signs. The purpose of the signs is to get motorist attention and make them aware of their speed and make them slow down. The Hempfield Township Public Works crews will be placing these signs on Township roads that have or had speeding issues. These signs will be moved throughout the Township and will be used in conjunction with the two (2) speed trailer devices the Township already uses daily. The Township Supervisors are asking Hempfield township motorists to be aware of the speed limit and obey the traffic laws.