Public Works Directory

Douglas Cisco
Director of Public Works
724-834-7232, Ext. 110
John Storey, Jr
Asst. Director of Public Works
724-834-7232, EXT. 109


The Public Works Department Consists of:

  • Public Works Director
  • Deputy Director
  • (8) “A” Operators
  • (14) “B” Operators
  • (2) Crew Leaders
  • (2) Mechanics
  • (5) Laborers


Contact the Public Works Department about Township Maintained Roads for the following:

  • Potholes
  • Storm drain concerns
  • Water runoff concerns
  • Storm damage
  • Snow removal
  • Street closings
  • Street signs, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.
  • Speed limit trailer requests
  • Road damages


About Public Works

The Hempfield Township Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining our roads.

Did you know Hempfield Township has over 300 miles of township owned roads?

In addition, Hempfield Township has winter maintenance agreements with local developers for certain housing developments. The township does all maintenance on these roads, which includes: snow removal, traffic control and signs, road shoulder maintenance and mowing, asphalt repairs, and drainage.

To meet its commitments, the Public Works Department owns and maintains over 100 pieces of road, general government, and emergency vehicles.