About the Project

Hempfield Park is the primary recreation area for the residents of Hempfield Township, as well as the surrounding communities. The 94-acre park contains a multitude of recreation activities including athletic fields, pavilions, walking trails, and a multi-purpose athletic facility. Nestled in the northern end of the 90 square mile township, it stands as the primary hub for all township recreation programs for more than 43,000 residents as well as residents from surrounding areas, such as the City of Greensburg, Unity Township, Penn Township, Salem Township, and Delmont Borough. The 2010 census data finds more than 184,000 people live within a ten mile radius of the park, all within an easy drive of the park.

The township has come to realize that the number of activities being held at the park is starting to outgrow the park itself. Facilities are in need of a makeover as a result of overuse and are no longer able to accommodate the large number of participants. Additionally, the park has struggled to keep up with the ever changing recreation needs of the community.

This project aims to improve the overall recreation opportunities for Hempfield Township and the surrounding areas by enhancing the current facilities, as well as adding additional amenities and doing so in a manner that is in line with recent surveys of the both current and prospective users of the park. Over the past year, Hempfield Township has partnered with students at California University of Pennsylvania, specifically in the Parks and Recreation and Geographic Information Systems programs, to study the current facilities as well as make suggestions for future facilities and their locations. This, coupled with a survey conducted by the township, formed the basis for a master plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors at their March 24, 2014 monthly public meeting.

The overall park enhancement project has been broken down into phases. Three main phases will combine to create an outdoor recreation experience for local residents that can be enjoyed and of which residents can be proud.

Phase I mainly looks to improve and expand current facilities in order to bring them up to our high standards and to ensure that we are offering facilities which are safe, pleasurable, and welcoming. Included in this portion of the project will be upgrading existing facilities such as the baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, bocce court, and all five of the pavilions. New features will include additional playing fields, a pavilion, a new tennis court, and an expanded playground area.

Phase II will be the addition of a community amphitheater. The amphitheater will provide a space for concerts in the park and performances by groups of all sizes. It will stand as a focal point at Hempfield Park and be a performance area for the Hempfield Community Days. Included with the amphitheater will be preparation rooms for performers, restrooms, and lighting and sound provisions for any act performing.

The final phase of the project will help to tie everything together. Additional restrooms to accommodate the larger crowds at the park, lengthening the walking track, adding interpretive nature viewing areas along the track, and the addition of exercise stations along the track are all aspect of this third phase. Two larger projects will also help to complete this larger park project. First will be a dog park on a portion of the park which is underutilized. The dog park will be in an area which is convenient to all park patrons but which is also far enough removed so as to not interrupt other activities. The second larger project is installing an artificial surface on the lower multi-sport field. This will allow the field to be a true year round athletic surface, and will greatly increase the number of activities able to be offered to the public.

When completed, this project will make the park a larger draw for Hempfield Township and the surrounding community. In part, it will make Hempfield a more attractive place to live, and the improved facilities will help augment the current programs offered through the Parks and Recreation department. Lastly, this project aids in furthering Hempfield Township’s mission of being a great place to raise a family.

About Hempfield Parks & Recreation

Hempfield Township Parks & Recreation’s mission is to enrich the lives of all citizens within the boundaries of Hempfield Township by providing the opportunity to make constructive use of leisure time, contributing to good health, human happiness and physical and mental well-being.

Recreational opportunities and park experiences will be provided for year- round and will be accessible to everyone, enhancing the quality of life and self-esteem of all Hempfield residents regardless of age, sex, race or income.

To learn more about Hempfield Township Parks & Recreation, please visit the Parks & Recreation page of the Hempfield Township site.

About Hempfield Township

Hempfield Township is a township in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 43,241 at the 2010 census, making it the largest suburb in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area by population.

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