Peddler’s License

Anyone selling goods or services door-to-door must display a Peddler’s License from Hempfield Township. However, non-profit groups, such as local athletic teams, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, fire departments, etc. do not require such permits. Sunday sales and weekday sales after 5 p.m. by peddlers are strictly prohibited. To verify whether or not someone canvassing your neighborhood has received the proper permits or to report a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 724-834-7232.

current peddler licenses issued to alert the Township residents. All residents are encouraged to ask to see the license of anyone canvasing door-to-door. Currently eleven (11) Peddler Permits have been issued for Renewal By Andersen. These permits will be valid today through August 1.

For more information visit: Our Township and Permit Page.

Download Peddler Permit