In February of 2008, the State of Pennsylvania passed a Right-to-Know law.

The law requires every community to create an open records officer and establish procedures when an individual makes a request for public information.

You may email Hempfield’s Right to Know officer, Jason Winters at

Before making an official request we encourage you to explore our website for a variety of publically available information.

The Hempfield Municipal Code, which includes all legislation passed by the Municipality over the years, is available by visiting our Ordinances page.  Hempfield Township Meeting Agendas and Minutes are also available online.

If the information you want is not readily available, please download and complete the Application Request Form.   All requests must be made by using the application form.

Requests for information cannot be made anonymously.  The Municipality will have up to five (5) days to provide you with the information. Download our Fee Schedule for preparing Right to Know documents.

A request that is denied will be done so in writing. 

Hempfield Township Right to Know Procedure

To Make a Request by Email of FAX:

Download the Right to Know Application Form (in PDF Format) to your computer.
Complete the fields and email the file to the Township Right-To-Know Officer at:

Or fax the completed form to the Township Right-To-know Officer at:

Township Right to Know Fee Structure